Where Moldavite Came From-----Moldavite-the enigmatic precious stone, whose origin is still shrouded in mystery. The myths about moldavite date back to the early Middle Ages. Is moldavite one of the stones of the Holy Grail which fell from the skies and which has the capacity to give people eternal youth and immortality? The modern science has created a number of theories on the origin of moldavite. The most plausible of them says that about 15 million years ago a huge meteorite landed somewhere in the territory of today's Central Europe. The kinetic energy transformed into thermal energy within a fraction of a second and brought about the formation of hot liquid magma which was then catapulted back into the atmosphere. The dispersed mass descended again on the Earth in the form of molten drops within the distance of hundreds of kilometers. Due to complex geological and tectonic processes, the vast majority of the moldavitean mass was destroyed by gradual erosion. Only minor residua of the original sediments have been preserved until now. For this reason, moldavite is a very rare precious stone to be found only in a few localities and deposits. And because moldavite can be easily damaged when mining, the stones have to be mined manually and the gravel containing moldavite carefully sorted.

The Healing and Esoteric Properties of Moldavite---- People who are able to perceive extra-sensory stimuli from around them are well familiar with the fact that moldavite irradiates special types of energy. When placing the palm of their hand over moldavite, they feel pleasant warmth, or mild twitching. After a while this feeling spreads from the palm to the wrist and further on, up to the elbow. Compared with other precious stones, such as amethyst or crystal, the radiation coming from moldavite is much more intensive. Moldavite is therefore used in alternative medicine as a transformer of energies, because due to its properties, it is able to gain energy from the cosmic space and transfer it to the organism. Many scientists from all over the world try to explain why it is that moldavite "gives out" most energy. It seems that we must seek the answer to this question in the manner in which this peculiar stone came into existence. Before they solidified and landed on the Earth again, the stones had entered the high layers of the atmosphere. This theory is supported by conclusive evidence: the gas contained in the microscopic cracks of moldavite was analyzed and discovered to be different from that in the atmosphere close to the Earth. The pressure of the gas corresponds with the atmospheric pressure found at the height of about 40 kilometers above the surface. There is no trace of the crystallization process in moldavite. The molten mass from which it developed must have solidified very quickly. All these facts can be the reason for the transfer of energy between moldavite and living organisms.

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